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A uk.r.b Miscellany

Here is a miscellaneous collection of subjects which have popped up in the group at various times.
Deaths in Finches and Sparrows As a result of finding several dead Greenfinches in his garden, Malcolm Watson went investigating, and passed on this interesting article.
Trapping Birds As a result of our discussions around Larsen traps and killing magpies, Malcolm Watson wrote to the Scottish Office for clarification. He received this detailed reply.
How Long Do Birds Live? A question that quite frequently comes up in the group.
The Origins of Life It is perhaps stretching a point a little to describe this as being a birding subject, but it has come up more than once on uk.r.b and it's a subject I'm very interested in. As I couldn't find a good introduction on the web aimed at people without a technical background, I decided to try my hand at writing one myself. And if you get as far as the Sources section at the bottom, you'll find my excuse for including it on this site.
Origins of this Site Why the uk.rec.birdwatching FAQ is written by someone who lives in Holland.
Note on eye deficiences As a result of one of our discussions about spectacle-wearers using binoculars, a passing opthalmologist (who prefers to be known under a pseudonym) contributed a note on eye deficiences and spectacle prescriptions.
Deer Culling and Immunocontraception It may not seem to have much to do with birding, but this page - supplied by Colin Davidson - deals with subjects that a couple of posters keep raising in uk.rec.birdwatching.