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Welcome to uk.rec.birdwatching

For years the uk.rec.birdwatching Usenet newsgroup was a friendly, informative and entertaining place for discussing every subject which had something to do with observing wild birds in the United Kingdom (and quite a few subjects which didn't). I gathered together answers to questions which came up frequently in the group, and assembled them here in the uk.rec.birdwatching FAQs.

The onslaught of trolls on Usenet, coupled with the rise of web-based discussion groups, mean that uk.r.b is not nearly as active as it used to be, and I now rarely update the FAQs. But many of the topics are still relevant, so I still keep them here. There may well quite a few broken external links - my apologies.

Site contents
The main FAQ Speaks for itself.
Field Guide FAQ Kindly contributed by Gordon Hamlett, based on responses given by members of the group.
Scientific bird names explained An explanation of those curious and apparently unpronounceable bits of italicised text that one finds in all the best field guides.
Pronunciation of English bird names A guide to the recommended pronunciation of those bird names that not infrequently give rise to discussion.
Tips for beginners A few, hopefully helpful, suggestions.
Infrequently Given Answers The wit and wisdom of uk.r.b (apart from the wisdom).
Downloadable British and European Lists Lists of names of birds which have occurred in Britain/Europe, for people who want to start their own database or spreadsheet.
Usenet Using Usenet; what to do if you have problems reading the newsgroup; commonly-used abbreviations; strange denizens of Usenet; “killing” unwanted posts.
Miscellany Pages dealing with a variety of topics that have popped up in uk.r.b at various times.
What’s new Recent additions to the FAQs

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  Last modified: 27 August 2011