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Infrequently Given Answers

Several questions crop up time and time again in uk.rec.birdwatching. Some of the answers, on the other hand, are quite unique. Join me on a cruise through the backwaters of the uk.rec.birdwatching archive. (Some have had the pondweed tidied up a little, in the form of layout and typos.) Anyone who would like their contributions removed from here can e-mail me, and I will send them the details of how to transfer a substantial sum to my bank account ....

Volume 1 - the original
Volume 2 - the sequel
Volume 3 - the p-p-penguin thread
Volume 4 - the hummingbird thread
Volume 5 - pigeons, eagles and awards
Volume 6 - twitchers and sex
Volume 7 - taxonomy, gulls and the Senegal Badgers Club.